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Blue Shamen - " Out for my morning walk! "

Wild Man by water - " Dude there's something in your mustache! "

Yellow Shamen - " This stick is not doing the trick ."

Blue Shamen - " Hurry! I can't hold this pose forever!! "

Blue Shamen - " Having fun yet? "

Roasted guy at top - " Holy!! My nuts are on fire!!! "

Wild Man at bottom - " That shamen's mad! I'm outa here! "

Blue Shamen - " Brrrrr.. A cold breeze went up my panties! "

Blue Shamen - " EUUEEHHHH!!! It'll come, it'll come,(takes a large breath) EEEUUHHHHH!!!"

Green brave at top - " There's an itch up here. "

Brave - " I gotta stop wearing tight underwear. "
-Pic Submited By: Mark van der Linden

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