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Welcome to the Populous Game Corner. This web site is devoted to creating an environment for Populous
players to meet-up and create games. For best convenience please check you IP keep it on a notepad or whatever then enter the game room.

Now... You may think "Hey! Why the F*** should I give someone my IP?"
Well.. If you and this person want to play Populous the best way to do it is using
the IP connection in Populous. It is the fastest most reliable way to play.
And if you like your opponent and would like to play them
again you have there IP stored in the TCP/IP connection address book in Populous.
Then When you wanna play you can set a time
and you don't have to deal with the lobby and all the ppl in it. (Wich lags you down.)

That's why we made this server.

Just so no one gets mixed up, here are the people who made
this site.

- Caocao
- Subuu

And not uallsuck@pop !!! He did not make this site!

Thanks to:



*Populous GC will be completely RE-DESIGNED so come back in a bit to see
the awsome change!*

1. Links page will be up very soon.

2. Currently the Java chat program I had in the match-up room is down
because of my expired chatters online account. But I will be activating
it soon.

3. Now I am working on my very own "Match-Up" program for populous coded in
Java (but I am considering writing it in Perl). This will let you set up
games with other players who have the same program via IP; which I am
supporting this method of play because of stated reasons above.
I'll inform you of features soon.

4. I've decided to crop the pics in the captions page so it will load
faster for people with out T1. (Like me, I've got 28.8) >8(

.Update on main page -new

.Recent contribution to the Humor Page -old
.Added small Thanks To section -old

News history:

-New pic added from Mark Van Der Linden.


The contest has not suceeded so I am not hosting a
caption contest at the moment.

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